Drum Snake

Case Study

Discover how I helped bring Drum Snake to life, a non-intrusive drum muffling device that enhances sound quality without compromising on tone. This case study covers the development of the website, marketing materials, and branding.

Project Overview

Drum Snake is an innovative product designed to eliminate unwanted resonant noises in drums. I was tasked with creating the brand identity, designing the website, and developing marketing materials to effectively communicate the product's benefits.

Development Highlights

Branding & Logo Design

Developed a sleek and memorable logo that embodies the essence of Drum Snake: simplicity and effectiveness in drum muffling.

Website Design

Created a responsive and engaging website that highlights Drum Snake’s features and sustainability efforts, driving user interest and engagement.

Marketing & Copywriting

Crafted compelling copy and marketing materials that effectively communicate Drum Snake's unique benefits and eco-friendly production.

Project Gallery

Drum Snake Logo
Website Screenshot on iPad
Drum Snake on iPhone
Mockup of Drum Snake on iMac

Reflection & Takeaways

The Drum Snake project was a rewarding experience that underscored the importance of integrating design, functionality, and sustainability. This case study showcases my ability to create a cohesive brand and online presence that resonates with the product's values.

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