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Case Study

Explore the creation of an engaging online presence for Ida Jane & The Weekend Gardeners. This project involved website design, API integration, branding, and e-commerce solutions to bring their unique sound to a broader audience.

Project Overview

Ida Jane & The Weekend Gardeners needed a robust online platform to connect with their audience, promote their music, and manage events. I developed an eight-pane website with integrated APIs, e-commerce, and a blog, ensuring their brand's essence was captured across all digital touchpoints.

Development Highlights

Website Design

Designed an intuitive, multi-pane website that highlights the band’s story, discography, tour dates, and more, providing a seamless user experience.

BandsInTown API Integration

Integrated the BandsInTown API to automatically update tour dates and events, streamlining the process for both the band and their fans.

EPK & Branding

Developed a comprehensive Electronic Press Kit with consistent branding to ensure a professional look in all promotional materials.

Blog Content & Copywriting

Produced and edited engaging blog content that resonates with the band's audience, enhancing their connection with fans.

E-commerce Integration

Integrated a Bandcamp store to facilitate sales of merchandise and music, providing an additional revenue stream for the band.

Project Gallery

The Weekend Gardeners Logo
Mockup of Website on MacBook
Mockup of Website on iPhone

Reflection & Takeaways

Working with Ida Jane & The Weekend Gardeners was an exciting journey that allowed me to blend creativity with technical skills. This case study demonstrates my ability to create a comprehensive online presence that supports the band’s artistic vision and commercial goals.

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