Tranquil Bell

Case Study

Dive into the journey of creating Tranquil Bell, an app designed to promote mindfulness and simplicity. This case study highlights the development of the app, website, logo, and icon.

Project Overview

Tranquil Bell was conceived to provide a simple, serene meditation experience. As the developer, I was responsible for crafting the app, designing the logo and icon, and creating the website that supports this tranquil experience.

Development Highlights

App Development

Designed and developed a minimalist app that plays the soothing sound of a Tibetan meditation bell, guiding users into a state of calm and mindfulness.

Website Creation

Built a responsive website that complements the app’s simplicity and aesthetic, providing information and a download link for users.

Logo & Icon Design

Created a sleek, modern logo and app icon that reflect the app’s tranquil and minimalist nature.

Project Gallery

App Icon on macOS Dock
Logo Design
Website Screenshot
Mockup of App on iMac

Reflection & Takeaways

Developing Tranquil Bell was an enriching experience that underscored the importance of simplicity and user experience in app design. This project demonstrates Brave New Design's ability to deliver a cohesive product that spans multiple aspects of design and development.

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